Our No.1 Super tow bar fitting Inverness Service

Grampian Towbars can cater to all your tow bar fitting Inverness service requirements. In addition to the standard towbar fitting service, our range of detachable towbars have some impressive benefits.

• Detachable Towbars, or ‘removable’ towbars as they are also known, are increasing in popularity and reducing in price. Previously a niche market for customers within a certain budget range and set of requirements, their use is becoming more widespread, is a detachable towbar the right choice for you?

• Detachable towbars are perfect for motorists who prefer to keep their vehicle as close to the original specification as possible. Your car can still look like it’s just driven off the forecourt while having the option to tow whenever needed. Another huge benefit to installing a detachable towbar is that there is no interference with parking sensors when reversing.

Does this sound like the ideal choice for your motor vehicle? Contact us today for product details and available options.

Detachable Tow Bar Fitting Inverness

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